Maze CrazE Classic 1-19 Walkthrough


Maze Craze Level 1-19 (Classic) Walkthrough

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Welcome to Maze CrazE, a new and addicting maze game! We love puzzles, so we downloaded and played dozens of maze and puzzle games before hitting the drawing board (literally) to develop a new game with maze puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours.

Fun for the whole family, Maze CrazE is a challenging collection of 6 different levels with hundreds and hundreds of mazes to solve. The mazes start simple to get your feet wet, then progress to harder and harder puzzles. Each maze is designed to be played at your own pace, with no time limits or restrictions. Finish a round in one sitting or pause it and come back later, and because no wifi is necessary these puzzles are great for playing offline, such as when you’re at the doctors office, waiting for appointments, in the carpool line, or even playing while in the bathroom… (shhh… we won’t tell anyone.)


Maze CrazE is easy to play! Each maze is custom made from scratch and we used several different algorithms to generate the mazes so that you’re always on your toes. The game starts with two dots, red and green, sitting on a maze grid. You’re the red dot and the end of the maze is the green dot. (Easy so far, right?) Simply swipe anywhere on the screen in the direction you would like for your dot to travel, then keep swiping until you reach the green dot! We also hide little items throughout the mazes to help you out along the way.


SKINS! Use orbs to unlock NEW Line Skins! There are 30+ new line colors and patterns! Open the menu and press the Customize option to check them out.

SPEED UP The new Speed Up feature gives your line a turbo-boost of movement speed

We’ve also made many bug fixes and performance improvements.

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